Sunday, August 21, 2016


Regular readers know I have a passion for animals.  But at this moment in time, another passion raises its head to engage me and pull me into a different world.

The Olympics.

I'm fascinated by (almost) all and urge the athletes on in their events.  And yes, moan in despair when they fall short.

My friends and family know I'm partial to one competitor.  And have been since 2012.  If you have not seen the Under Armour ad featuring Michael Phelps, it's simply amazing.  Amazing.

In my former working life, I ran the cable TV channel for a local municipality so I know the mechanics of video. This 1:30 ad was edited by someone(s) who are masters at their craft.  Those seconds-long snippets were finely chosen to meld a story.  And the music.  My gosh, how could it be any more perfect to blend with the video.

The physical, mental, emotional challenge to training is oh so clearly defined.  Just wow.

The Games  will close tonight.  And I will have to wait another four years.  But we won't have Michael or Usain to cheer on.  And I'm sighing.  


  1. So glad you enjoyed all the fun, glamour, skill of the olympics Janet. As you say, only another 4 years!! Never mind, indulge yourself in your animal passion and that will keep you (and them) happy. Still thinking about chicken treats, it's nearly PUMPKIN time and chickens seem to love pumpkins (I cut mine in half or make a hole in them). This provides treats and entertainment and I believe that pumpkins are good for their internal systems and ward off parasites. Regards, Louise S

  2. Will keep that in mind for the clucks. I tried large chunks of pumpkin for the donks and they not so politely said, "No, thank you!"