Thursday, September 22, 2016

Back From Italia

Ciao!  My news:  I returned a few days ago from a two-week trip to Italy, 
I was greeted with affection and exuberance by certain members of the critter crew.  (The names of those guilty of non-exuberance will be omitted.)

My favorite puppy in the world leaped up in the air over and over (all 80 pounds) when I walked in the house.  Here he is in a more conservative pose.

Sweet Dudley

Out in the donkey yard, of course, it was my Fran who greeted with me with extra affection.

The other donks were pretty much business as usual -- where is a treat -- but Fran just wanted some hugs.

And surprisingly, out of the four clucks, Ruby Dee was most attentive.  I would have placed money on Sweet Pea.

As for the trip, it had been a dream for a few years.  No tour, I did the planning myself (whew!) with the help of a friend who has family in Italy and knows the ropes.  Almost six days in Florence, then to the countryside of Tuscany for another six.  


  1. Oh my, that is a wonderful trip! I hope you came back rested and refreshed.

  2. Hi Janet. Sounds like a fantastic trip - hope you had a wonderful time. Myself, husband and son have just returned from Mallorca and I feel totally exhausted (think it's all the airport business!!). We have just picked up our girls from the lady who looks after them and I think they are glad to be home (overdosing on mealworms and dustbaths at the moment). The cats are really pleased to see us, we are getting bumps and cuddles all over the place. I am just glad everyone was OK on our return. We had a nice time (not often the 3 of us are together as son has left home), but I must say I LOVE coming home. Going to have a relaxing weekend and hope you do to. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK.

  3. Sorry, I am just now seeing this post. What a wonderful trip! I can't even imagine traveling to Italy. Glad your dream came true. I bet all the animals really did miss you.