Monday, October 17, 2016

A'Molting We Will Go


  1. Isn't nature amazing? The chickens moult this time of year and (hopefully) will have new feathers to insulate them during the cold winter. You just cannot believe how many feathers they can lose - looks like someone has had a pillow fight! My eldest hen, who is 2 years old next month, has only had a brief moult and has seemed to stop now. My pullets are 8 months old so I am not expecting them to moult this year. Do you give them any extra vitamins at moulting time? Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK

    1. Louise, since this was my first BIG molt, I did a bit of reading and read an article that said provide more protein. Suggestions given: oatmeal, quinoa, sunflower seeds. So I gave some cooked oatmeal (with currants which they thought were treasures) and extra sunflower seeds.

  2. Hi Janet, do you use Apple cider vinegar in your chooks' water? I believe it is good for them, especially at moulting time. Don't you think they are amazing creatures - there is so much to learn about them. Even after keeping them for 4/5 years, I am still learning. Can't help but love them!! Have a lovely weekend. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK

  3. I fill their water drinker (which holds about 1.5 litres) and add a "splash" of cider vinegar (about 3 tablespoons). I do this for 3 consecutive days once/twice month.