Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sparrows In The Chicken Coop

As I was thinking about how to begin this little saga, the phrase "bats in the belfry" popped into my thoughts.  Well, that's not exactly the situation we're experiencing but it's similar.

For some time sparrows have been flying into the little coop door and helping themselves to chicken feed.
 If only Sweet Pea would stand guard like this all the time.

There's no real way to keep them out and we feed the birds anyway, so resigning ourselves to the situation seemed the right course of action.  
However, their destructive behavior escalated.  

Now when opening one of the main coop doors, it is necessary to stand aside and wait for the sparrows to fly out, or you'll have birds flying erratically above your head (hence the similarity to bats in the belfry -- you see there is a method to my madness.)  

And then... we ended up with a mess like this.

They started destroying the insulation Rick so carefully included in the coop structure, we're assuming to make nests.
Today he put cardboard over all insulation areas to fend off the little winged buggers.  Enough is enough.


  1. That's what I call really taking advantage of a good thing. You are kind enough to feed them and they still want more!! Hope the cardboard helps and hope you and yours are all well. Regards.

  2. That's an awful situation. I hope you find some way to keep them out.