Monday, June 26, 2017

Fan Addendum, or, The Case of the Silly Kitty

You've all met Moose (Dusty) previously.  My (our) indoor/outdoor 18 year old cat.

One of his favorite places to hang out in the morning is the back of the recliner.  Or next to me on the couch with the dog.

Unless it's hot out.  The hotter the better as far as he's concerned.  And then he's insistent that he lounge on the deck... for hours.

If I get concerned about the length of time he's been roasting in the heat and ask him to come in, he gets coquettish and rolls around making cute cat-like conversation.  

But refuses to come in.

On days like today when it's a lovely 70 degrees, he stays in the house.

He's just a crazy kitty.


  1. He's enjoying that sunshine, maybe it makes his old bones feel good :)
    Such a pretty boy.

  2. What a lovely boy enjoying what he likes and doing his own thing (that's what life's all about). We had a bit of a heatwave last week here in UK (just makes it humid and stuffy here). Two of our cats were happy to stay indoors to find a cool spot as they didn't like the heat at all. Our latest (rescue) cat wanted to go out all the time, he loved it. As our cats are house cats because of the main road hazard, they only come out with us, so I was in and out with Oscar for days while he enjoyed rolling in the sun. Don't need to worry about a heatwave now, it so much cooler and tipping it down. This weather is so weird, one minute roasting and too hot, the next looking for a jumper.

  3. He's a silly old cat. But like most cats he does exactly as he pleases. I am a big fan of cats and several have owned me.

  4. Love those pretty kitty eyes <3
    XO Ellen from Ask Away