Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Little of This, A Little of That

What a beautiful spring day in our little corner of Michigan.  Just perfect.

The donkeys enjoyed a little walkabout.

Ditto for the hens.

 Although their heightened sense of danger in every corner is still evident.

The sky chair was put up for a little Sunday reading and relaxing.

Which meant I felt compelled to make some iced tea.

Yes, I "cheated" and used my years-old brewer.  It's just too darned easy.  Along with some decaf leaf tea from Simpson and Vail.  Yes, I highly recommend this family-owned business.  They have a wonderful selection of just about any tea imaginable, including organic teas.  And their customer service is just what you'd want.  I've called and described (in my non-fancy terms) the kind of green tea I like; they made suggestions which hit the mark.  

Now it's time to start some asparagus soup for tonight's repast.

We'll talk again soon.


  1. Your sky chair looks comfy, and your donkeys cute as always.

    1. Terra, that sky chair is just the thing for reading on a lovely day. Not bad for quick nap too!

  2. That sky chair looks very inviting for a little Sunday afternoon relaxation. Don't think I have ever had iced tea before, but I would sure be tempted to a couple of glasses of white wine on your chair. Glad you and all the animals enjoyed a nice Spring like weekend. We also had a lovely weekend here in Cheshire, UK - but haven't we waited long enough for it??!! We had a nice time in the garden letting the girls out to destroy (I mean play) in the garden. Olive and Ivy got a couple of head pecks from the big girls - but we can live with that, it wasn't too bad and Rose and Vi have had a good talking to (not that that will make any difference). On the subject of tea, I drink green tea as well, but with lemon - it's so refreshing and I believe green tea is good for you. I've swapped my normal cuppa's with milk in for Twinnings Green Tea with Lemon. Hope you have a good week. Best regards.

    1. Louise, please (!) send a picture of all your girls to my email. Haven't yet seen the newbies.

  3. I will Janet when I figure out how to do it!!