Monday, December 3, 2018

Blink the Weather Away

We live in Michigan, southeast corner, about an hour north of Detroit.  Sometimes we all joke about the weather.  Blink and it changes.  Yup, it's the truth.

In the span of roughly 10 days, we've gone from mud, to snow and frozen donkey hoof divots, back to mud, and then to snow.  As I write this we're losing our little warm spell and I'm sure I'll be faced with frozen divots tomorrow morning.  Definitely, not my favorite.  Treacherous to walk on.

Yesterday during the (yet again) mud phase

We're all just tolerating it


  1. I have always thought about how your weather in parts of America can change so quickly. You seem to be so, so hot in the summer and so, so cold and icy and snowy in the Winter. I suppose we have months and months of this Wintery weather now upon us. It's veru muddy here in the UK at the moment = cold and rainy. Chicken run is just full of mud - poor girls, but luckily they seem happy enough and can go indoors to escape it if they want to, which they don't seem to. I have, since reading your blog, wondered whereabouts Michigan lies in the US. Going to look it up on the map to pin point where you are. It does look a lovely rural place where you live. Have you always lived in Michigan? Take care in the icy weather. As usual, best regards, Louise.

    1. Louise, we have a little hideaway of 10, mostly wooded, acres in a highly populated area. Often I am reminded of how lucky we are.
      Can you remind me of where you are in the UK, so I can pinpoint you too?
      Kisses to the hens...

  2. You are very lucky Janet - It always looks so beautiful and peaceful on your photo's. I would never have thought it to be highly populated. We live in a town called Stockport in the borough of Cheshire which is the North West of England.