Wednesday, May 1, 2019

And Then There Were Nine

A quick update --

We lost Ruby Dee yesterday.  It was just a matter of trying to make her comfortable. 

What makes her loss particularly poignant is she was one of the first four hens we got in 2015.  Now only Sweet Pea remains.  Golda was killed by a predator and Emmy Lou (1) died in a similar fashion to Ruby.  Both Isa Browns.  I have to wonder.

I'll miss Rubes.  She'd respond to her name.  And could be a little firecracker.  And she was only four.

 Ruby Dee strutting her stuff

Ruby on the left, Sweet Pea on the right

The "senior" hens tend to hang together -- Sweet Pea, Buffy, Ruby and Jo (although only three years old Jo goes to bed early with the seniors.)  My guess is Buffy will miss Ruby; they had been together more frequently of late.

Goodbye sweet girl.


  1. So sorry that you have lost your Ruby Dee. My chooks are ISA Browns as well and I have always chosen this hybrid breed to save them going into the egg production industry and because of their lovely friendly natures. Unfortunately the eldest hen I ever had was my Ruby who made it to four years old. This breed, although adorable, do not seem to live long lives and I always end up heart broken and with the thought "that's it - I'm getting no more". Needless to say I always do. She would have had a wonderful life with you and I certainly believe quality of life is the best that we can offer these girls. Always heart breaking and I feel for you.

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