Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Recipe Addendum, Destruction and Stomach Rumblings

I must add a quick addendum to my previous post.  The soup recipe.  I'm so used to reading recipes and vegetarianizing them or veganizing them, I don't think about it.  I neglected to make a note of that in the post.   
My preference is to avoid cow's milk in the recipe; Rick and I prefer rice milk and that's what we always have on hand.  It does not add any additional flavoring and is ideal for baking and cooking, in my opinion at least.

The donkeys continue to eat their way through any wood structure on the premises.  And I am ready to throw up my hands.  I've added a new supplement (at a nice price I might add), chock full of lovely minerals and vitamins, thinking their diet might be deficient.  I added a new toy to deter boredom -- someone in one of my donkey groups suggested a traffic cone.

You can see everyone clamoring to have a fun-filled time of tossing it around.  Yup.
And I've upped their rations, slightly.
What else to do!!

If you recall, Rick just fixed the legs on the manger which the blankety blank devils had chewed to bits.  This is the result of their recent efforts.

One leg gone and another on the way.
They've also started in on the window frame of the chicken coop.

What to do, what to do, what to do...  I'm out of ideas.

Last story --
A few days ago Mr. Luigi gave me a scare.  At the final feed of the evening, I threw hay to the donks and continued with chicken lock-up.  On my way out of the donkey yard I just happened to glance over and see Luigi lying down next to the hay, munching.  It would have been cute, except that it's such abnormal behavior.  A couple of  hours later, Rick went out to check on him.  He reported back that Luigi was lying down in the barn.  "Oh crap" and I hurriedly got on my winter gear to check myself.  I am armed with (only) the basics to check for colic -- what is the color of their gums, listen for gut sounds and, of course, watch for rolling.  When I stormed out there, he was up, but had shavings all over his back, so clearly he had been down.  But no signs of distress, pink gums.  I leaned over to listen for tummy rumblings and then Rick leaned in too.  His shout of "I hear gurgles!" was music to my ears.  And the boy has been fine since.   


  1. Sounds like those donks have a very good diet indeed so perhaps the wood chewing is just mischief. So glad that Luigi is OK. You must have been so worried, but thank goodness all's well that ends well.

  2. All the best to you and your family Janet (humans and animals alike). Have a lovely Christmas and best wishes for 2020. P.S. Thank you for your wonderful blog - I so enjoy hearing your tales.