Monday, January 20, 2020

New Hay Manger

I have been oh so remiss in not showing you the new outside hay manger for the donkeys.  Please don't give up on me!

As you know, if you've been following the tale of the four most destructive miniature donkeys on the planet, they pretty much demolished the original, made of wood, Rick constructed this summer.
Here are the remains.

Not much to say.  The photo says it all.

So, my can-build-anything husband put together an indestructible manger, or so we hope.  Metal and plastic.  Well, of course those donkey chompers could work on the plastic, but clearly wood is the prime material in their sights.  So far so good.  Can everyone knock on wood, please.


Lest anyone think they're letting me off the hook, just know they're finding clever ways to find ANY exposed wood on the interior of the barn that's not covered by wire.  AND they eat the wood shavings every night.  E-V-E-R-Y night.  I've been using the pelleted shavings that need to be hydrated when the temps allow (over 32 degrees) because apparently those aren't as tasty and I can actually get a good base going.  But the pine shavings disappear every morning.  This is a first.  No other winter have they done this. 

Perhaps I need a donkey psychologist to analyze the situation.


  1. Ooh deary me, those naughty little donkeys...
    I wonder if it's a boredom thing ?
    I've never heard my daughter (one with the donkeys), say anything about her donks doing this behavior, she has a couple of large plastic barrels in the pasture, and they kick them around like soccer balls, so maybe that keeps them occupied ?
    I've read that eaten wood shavings can give them colic, especially in excess, maybe an equine vet can advise you ?
    Cold here today, I hope you are staying well !