Monday, January 4, 2021

Sweet Pea Can Use Your Help

Regular readers know Sweet Pea is the first of the hens I got when first jumping into the world of chickens in 2015.  There were four and she is the only remaining.  Because she's been with me the longest, we have a bond (or at least I do) that's deeper than with the other girls.

So the fact of the matter is Sweet Pea is sick.  I first noticed it yesterday morning.  I have her isolated and am trying plant based remedies as well as man-made.  She was the teeniest bit better this morning but that's not saying much.

I believe in energy work, and in fact took Reiki training many years ago.  I have enlisted a few friends who also know Reiki to help out Sweet Pea.  I also need your help.  Please send her energy, prayers - whatever fits for you.  I know from personal experience, when you have a boatload of people rooting for you it's a tangible force.   

I thank you and Sweet Pea does too.


  1. Of course, it goes without saying, I wish Sweetpea all the very best for a full recovery and am sending lots and love and energy over to her (and you). Please let me know how she goes on.

  2. Oh Janet, glad I checked in. I am pulling for Sweet Pea and will keep her in my thoughts today. I have greived over many a hen so my heart goes out to you. We lost one of our new red hens a couple weeks ago...have no idea what made her sick. Wishing you and Sweet Pea the very best!