Monday, July 25, 2022

Stella, Bullying, and Lip Smacking Goodness

Stella, Stella, Stella
Why are you unhappy?

Stella, the hibiscus with the glorious flowers, started dropping leaves.

 And dropping leaves

I was afraid Stella was saying goodbye, so called the greenhouse from whence she came.  The nurse there advised to immediately put the patient in full sun and water daily.  So I did.

And now look.  She's budding on every branch!

It meant moving her from the partial sunny deck, where I could look out the kitchen/dining room/living room windows upon her beauty, to the sunny donkey area.  But, if Stella is reviving, so be it.  At least once a day I tell her how lovely she is and all the praise helps her thrive.

In case you missed the post showcasing her beautiful flowers, here's a reminder.

I also tell the yellow daisy-like plants I received from Diane how beautiful they are and they shine with pride.

These cuties are berries from a wild vine and I marvel at how pretty they are every year.  Water droplets from a recent rain accentuate their perfection.

Turning to the chonkey shenanigans --
All three donks came into the donkey yard from a brief walkabout in the compound running and kicking up their heels like crazy girls.  I couldn't determine what had spooked/riled them.  But round and round they went.  After I was sure everyone was OK, I just watched in amusement.  Until Spice turned her rear end toward me and gave a posturing kick.  Nope, you don't do that to me.  Feel welcome to posture to your cohorts, but not to me.

Yesterday, Sugar and Spice came out of the barn sniping at each other.  Clearly they were ticked off with each other and I made sure I didn't get in the middle of their dispute.  Girls!

Usually when they are in the sniping mood, Gabby feels the brunt of their bullying.  And I come to her rescue.  Cuz she's my girl. 

And speaking of getting bullied, Marigold is in the same boat.  She may be low girl in the pecking order.  So when treats are getting handed out, I make sure she has ready access without fearing those pecks.

The flock's collective internal clock knows when their free range time is coming to a close and waits at the gate to be let into the coop run and, more importantly, for their afternoon treats.


* * * * * * Just Say Yes * * * * * *

I gave up Nutella long ago; a company that refuses to find a substitute for palm oil doesn't get my business.  Or my money. 
And yippee-yi-ya, look what I recently taste tested.


Oh yea.  Two thumbs up


  1. Glad you have revived beautiful Stella. I wonder why the donks are in such a grizzly mood?? Isn't chicken behaviour funny ... or not funny as the case may be? Vera has to be separated from her sister and my old Ivy as she will not give up the habit of feather pecking. Somehow she still manages to get to poor Aggie and I noticed her poor featherless chest again yesterday. Again, I have a purple chicken as I sprayed her with the purple antibiotic stuff. Aggie, for some reason, does not seem to ever grow any feathers back. She's such a tatty girl, but also she's so happy and chatty ....unless I'm trying to spray her with something!!! There really is never a dull moment is there?

    1. Sounds like Vera needs a good talking to! Marigold is low girl in the pecking order and I hear squawks and know she's being picked on but don't see any feathers missing. Guess I should count myself lucky.