Thursday, June 1, 2023

Chonkey Goofball Antics

 Long time readers may remember one of Luigi's favorite past-times was wheelbarrow rubbing.  Slowly  he'd sway back and forth against the rim to catch the special spot on his perfect derriere or chest.

Spice has only recently taken up the reins.

She seems to prefer the posterior as opposed to frontal area.

Those same  long time readers will know Sweet Pea has been my manure clean-up assistant for ages.  She's still in the game, but Gigi is now my second assistant.  And is also my current cuddle bunny.  When I need a chicken hug, she's the girl I turn to.

A bit ago I splurged and bought the donks some NickerDoodle treats.  All three girls assure me they are absolutely dee-lish-ous.  Up to this point I had pretty much stuck to Mrs. Pastures Cookies when offering processed treats.  But if one had to make a comparison, one could say a NickerDoodle is like a Ding Dong, where a Mrs. Pasture cookie is like a gingersnap.  Both are tasty but one is thick and creamy and melts in your mouth where the other is flat and crisp.  

Gabby finds the NickerDoodles to be lip smacking good

Side Note:
I am in the midst of watching "Camelot" - the 1967 version with Richard Harris, Venessa Redgrave and Franco Nero.  They were all sweet young things, all gorgeous and in their prime.  Long before Dumbledore was on the printed page. 
I haven't seen this movie since I was 16 and entranced with the story.  Perhaps I'm not quite as entranced, but what a wonderful memory visit.  And oh that music.  As a teen I played that LP over and over and can sing along to most of the songs.


  1. I loved the videos. My older sister had the LP of "South Pacific" and I used to play that all the time and sing along. Great songs. I am sure I have seen the movie "Camelot" on TV .Richard Harris looks so young as does Redgrave.
    Take Care,

    1. Our high school put on South Pacific and I worked props. Heard those songs a bazillion times during rehearsals. :)

  2. I hope you liked them, since you had to hear them so much!

  3. I sure enjoyed the little videos. Gigi looks like she could give hugs. Now I want to see "Camelot". Bet I would love it!