Monday, September 25, 2023

Donkeys Gone Wild

I wrote this post a week ago, ready to show you a hilarious video of the donkeys.  And then blogspot told me it was too big.  So I trimmed it in my phone (or at least I thought I did) so it was under a minute.  But then my computer wouldn't let me paste it in the blog, blah blah blah.  I was confident if I started anew today everything would be A-OK.  Blogspot is still telling me it's too big, which I think is baloney.    

Your favorite three miniature donkeys have almost lost all interest in the pasture.  Yes, around this time of year it's not in the best shape, but some of it still has lush grass.  However, the three princesses do not deign it worthy.  And yes, their royal sensibilities are becoming a bit irritating.  Thus the following situation.

Let me preface the video clip by explaining the normal day's schedule.
Breakfast is served about 8:45 am.  At 1:00 (until the pasture is not fit for the beasts, usually around October)) the pasture gate is opened.  Post-pasture lunch is served at 3:00.  And the final dinner bell rings at dusk.

Well, recently I had the utter audacity to pass the donkey yard via the driveway at 1:00, intending to give the next door neighbor cows some carrots.  The donkeys went nuts.  And the irritation you hear in my voice is just that.

   [at this point you have to use your imagination in your mind's eye seeing three donkeys
running madly back and forth
in the yard, braying at the top of their lungs and my voice telling them to knock it off]

I have no idea what caused the frenzied behavior.  The vocalizations and running are more indicative of real trouble.  Who knows what prompted it.  Except my long held theory that they're nuts!

I may try again to figure out why it won't take the video or I just may post it on FB.  To be honest I'm tired of struggling with it.

So instead, let me show you a little clip of a teeny fountain on the deck.

What I really want you to take note of is the tall flowering begonia just behind the impatiens. 

 I've had her for years, wintering her every year.  She's taller than I am at this point.  I hate to trim her but I probably should before bringing her in for the season.   A few of the many plants that come into the sunroom on a tarp in October are old friends.  They've been around for years.  Often they look a bit iffy when they take their places on the deck in the spring, but by fall they're again magnificent.

OK, back to the chonkeys.  Sharona in particular.  She is now the biggest girl of the nine, but doesn't know it.  She kowtows to the older girls as does Clara.  Storm, however, has got some gumption and is starting to hold her own.

  Next week I'll show you the modification Rick made to the roosting area for the new girls.


  1. Omg,those are some well fed chonkey butts!

    1. Actually the girls are getting extra rations now in preparation for a Michigan winter.

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