Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I like Flat Creek Farm's term, "The Big Muddy". You betcha. For the past week, here in southeastern Michigan, the days have been warm, but the nights have frozen up the thawing snow. Not this morning, with warmer temps. So now, there'll mud in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I keep throwing straw in the shed to try to provide some dry haven for the donks. Let's hope they appreciate the effort!

Adding to the mess, I just said to Rick this morning that we'll need to close the gate to the pasture soon. Since we've not even hit the year mark with the donks, we're following the advice of our fencer who said in order to save the pasture, close 'em in the yard and let that area turn into the sacrificial mud pen. Good times...


  1. Cute donks! My sister lives in California and has two mini donks. She just adores them and their personalities. Hope your mud doesn't get too terribly bad so the donks don't have to stand around in it. Spring... gotta love it!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. WE have had some sunny days lately too and warmer temps, most of the driveway is hard now, but I think just outside the barn door, where they seemed to spend all the time this winter, is still frozen under poo and old hay, so I'm sure we'll get mud soon....oh but isn't a little mud worth the nice days?

    You had wanted my email, I left it on my blog...wasn't sure you'd find it.. so here it is