Sunday, February 28, 2010


We've had Dudley, the dog, for three years. We've had three donkeys for almost seven months. That means, donks have lived in close proximity with big black dog for almost seven months. But this morning... Well this morning Luigi just didn't like the looks of that big black dog. Not even a little. Face-to-face (well almost) across the gate. Luigi not moving. I throw hay for the girls and call Luigi. Not moving. Just staring at that big black dog. Finally, though who knows what prompted the cave-in, he scampered over to make sure he got his share of breakfast.


  1. Wow, don't you wonder what they were thinking? Cute picture of Dudley. I've worried in the past about our dogs getting kicked. So far, so good. But I do think the dogs finally realized they should stay OUT of the donkey pen and not risk it... LOL. The barn kitties, however, seem to peacefully co-exist with the donks. So far. -Tammy

  2. I like Dudley! We only have chickens outside with the "big kids", and indoor cats. The donks do give chase to the chickens...but the horse just ignores them.