Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Routine Hay Run -- Think Again

Whew!  What started out as an ordinary hay run this morning, turned into something a little more complicated.

First we drive over and load the bales into the truck.  We have that routine down pat.

Back home, I suggested to Rick that before we haul the hay into the shed, we remove the remaining bales of straw so I could retrieve a pair of clippers that had been misplaced.  So, out came the straw.  Rick pulled up the pallets to look for the clippers and we found bazoodles of hay buried under there.  Now off to get another wheelbarrow to load the loose hay. Since we had all the straw out, it was a good time for Rick to put a platform of plywood atop the pallets so I would no longer get a foot stuck in the gap between the slats.  I did some other clean-up duties while he went down to the house to get a saw.

Now, from the time we got home with the hay the donkeys were put out in the pasture -- the first time for the season.  They're just too nosey to keep them in the yard with us.

Platform down (it'll be a lifesaver -- literally).  Straw loaded back in.  Hay now pulled off the truck and dragged into the shed.

Now, off to coerce three reluctant donkeys out of  the pasture.  It's still too early to let them stay out or we'll end up with a bedraggled pasture early in the season.

Finally, are we done?
Never did find the clippers!


  1. It's a busy time of year! Those clippers will turn up when you least expect it. As my hubby always tells me when I lose something "it's the last placed you had it." (haha, very funny, dear!)