Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Shots -- A First

The vet came out on Friday to surprise the donks with spring shots.  Although everyone was fairly well behaved, it did take some brute strength to stop the twirling with a needle sticking out of a (back) cheek.  Of course the best-behaved was favorite Francesca.  She is my sweetheart (trying hard not to be too mushy).

Dr. Gertsen also checked their teeth -- an interesting maneuver on donkeys who are already a little ticked off.  And he confirmed what we already knew - Fran is a little portly.  We think she's lost some weight since last September when they came to our home, but the girl needs some exercise.  Lungeing a donkey?... hmmmm....

A side note:
While we let the pasture grass get well established, we've let the beasts out on driveway grass the last couple of days.  Ooooh, do they love it.  If Dudley did his job right, he'd help herd them back into the fence, but he falls short every time!

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  1. So glad the needling went off without too much problem. Last Fall we had an EEE scare and they had to have needles, Emily put up so much of a fight that she bent a needle and they had to start over...poor kid. From now on she goes first!