Friday, May 28, 2010

Pastures R Not Us

A year ago I never would have thought that the quality of our field pasture would be a hot topic of conversation. The fact of the matter is it's looking a tad poorly.  Rick brushhogged it last weekend, but it may take another year or more of that treatment to allow the grass to overtake the weeds.  As for now, the weeds are winning.

So, the donks get turned out in the pasture to scavenge what grass they can for 4-5 hours and then, on days when I'm able, I let them out of the gated-area completely so they can get some decent grass for an hour or so.  Means babysitting them though to make sure they don't wander.

Problem is they're pistols to round back up.  Today Rick and I cajoled dear Gabby with cookies, shoves and pulls into joining up with Franny back in the donkey yard.  But those feet were planted with utter determination.  Finally she was convinced and all three devils were back inside.

By the way, Dudley is useless as a donkey herder.  Just stands there and let's us do all the work!


  1. Somehow I have a feeling you could win America's Funniest Videos if you documented this whole process (if America's Funniest Videos still was around, that is). It sounds like a stitch. I gather that the amigos are not amenable to being led using a halter, eh? I might be tempted to just let them develop a taste for weeds! ;)

  2. Cute! I love Dudley's pose. I felt quite like him last week when my girls would NOT get to where they needed to be so I could leave for work. I was 'C'mon girls... mama has to go make some hay money! puh-lease!' Finally, in due 'donkey' time.. they moved. Whew. Gotta love those Long Ears - wouldn't trade 'em for anything! :) -Tammy

  3. Ha, don't you just get so angry when people (non-donkey) say that they are stuborn.....I say just cautious! I find it hard to believe that they do not chase Dudley, good donkeys!