Sunday, May 2, 2010

These Donks Are So Funny

After bringing a lawn chair into the donkey yard and plopping down, the donkeys gathered round.  We got some real good scratching time in and then Luigi started his famous ever-so-slow-backing-up-so-I'm-invisible move.  That large behind came closer and closer until he was snuggled up to the side of the chair.  Gabby, who is the least affectionate of the three, practically crawled into my lap.  I thought she was going to take both of us down, so sadly I had to shoo her away (as cute as they are, you still have to remember they're 300 lbs).  At one point I was laughing out loud at their ridiculously goofy behavior. 

And then there's Franny.  The perfect little donkeys who loves all kinds of pats, rubs, scratches, hugs, and kisses.

1 comment:

  1. Quality donkey time = one of the best parts of my day. That Luigi.. lol.. loves those butt scratches! Very cute post. -Tammy