Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Mess

I yelled at the donkeys this morning.  Not just a tsk-tsk, but a full-out yellin'.

Just a couple of days ago they had pushed and pulled their way through the fencing that holds/separates the hay in the shed, until they had achieved a full fledged hay mess on their side of the fence. I moved remaining bales away from the fence so they couldn't help themselves again - not an easy task may I add.  Well this morning, they had done the same thing to the straw!  I hadn't bothered to move the straw, because what donkey in their right mind would work so hard to get through to the straw.

Believe me these three are not so deprived that even straw should look good.  If you saw the recent photos, you'd have seen Francesca still has some nice Rubenesque curves.

So, this morning I wagged an index finger in their faces, yelled while I was moving the straw and cleaning up the mess, and threatened them with a real tirade if they did it again.  

I did not see any repenting.  Hrmph!

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