Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Lovlies Are Getting Lovlier

Please note how slim and trim Francesca (foreground) has become.  Even Rick has remarked on more than one occasion that they're all looking healthier (read that as not as chubby).  Of course, Gabriella has never been a chubbette and we intend to keep it that way.

When living with her previous owner, Franny used to be borderline obese and was given special injections from the vet.  (diabetes?)  Now, she's looking sleek and fit.  Just lovely.
Biases aside, I surely think these cabooses are some of the cutest around.  I'm always patting donkey behinds affectionately.  Good thing they don't object.


  1. They ARE even lovelier than before (if that is even possible). I too have a habit of patting little donkey rears.. lol. Gracie is rather a chubbette.. it's more in her stocky build, but I am not helping it. Thank you for the reminder. Fewer treats, mom (i repeat to myself!). -Tammy

  2. Tammy, I think the biggest factor for me was stopping grain (as per vet's advice).