Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Amazing World of Electricity

You know by now that our donkey set-up is very basic and simplistic.  No well by the donks so haul water up from the house in the winter and snake a garden hose out in the summer.  In the dark winter days, carry a lantern to navigate.  The only lights are those Rick installed in the shed which either operate via solar panel or a boat battery.  Until recently that is.

Look at these beauties Rick put in at the corner of the yard.  I can now flip a switch and actually see what I'm doing in the morning hours.

You see Rick had labored a year ago to trench in an electric line from the house to put a water heater out for the trio.  They didn't tend to like frozen water.  Sooo, as the title says, electricity is an amazing thing.

The only (ironic) caveat -- I actually like to flip OFF the lights as soon as possible after clean-up.  The naturally dark surrounding are pleasant in their own right.  


  1. Congrats on your upgrade! We're pretty basic too. For instance, a speaker wire runs from the house for donkey stereo. (truth be told.. I don't know who that's really for, the donks or me). I have a lengthy list of rednex fixes I have done around here, but I'll spare you the visuals for now ;) I am SO impressed with your lighting system!! Enjoy :) -Tammy

  2. Wow! So happy for you it sure makes it easier! Now for the water.... My kids are lucky when we bought the house someone had already set up a building for his woodworking shop, I think people were horrified when we moved animals into a shop with polished cement floors and all, the power is wonderful! I would love to have running warm water. We can always dream....