Sunday, February 5, 2012

Don't Bother Me With Treats!

Cut into a new bale of hay this morning (by the way it was a beautiful start to the day -- sunshine with birds singing and a little nip to the air).  This particular bale was extra green; I remember noting the color to husband Rick as we hauled it into the shed about a month ago.  Well anyway, the donkeys were drawn to it like peanut butter to jelly.  Perhaps you're asking, "Janet, perhaps it was alfalfa?"  Shouldn't be as we always get first cutting.  Anyway, I called the donks to their weekly treat of grain.  No way, we're not leaving this hay.  Offered a couple bits of carrot.  Again, too busy with the tasty green stuff.

Sorry donks, only one bale of the stuff.


  1. I always love the smell of good hay ... seems the donkeys are the just same :o)

  2. I'm always amazed if the girls choose hay over grain/treats first. That freshness and green-ness.. oh so delightful :) give your adorable crew some scritches from me, please. -Tammy

  3. I know sometimes we get a bale that I swear I could eat myself, it smells soooo good!