Saturday, April 7, 2012

A New Start

Work has begun on re-invigorating the donkey pasture.  We're starting over to cultivate a sustaining source of food (there's not much of value left now).  To those readers shaking their heads, clucking, saying "but they didn't do it right", I say, but we tried.  Brush hogged the fields to prevent weed seeding.  Kept the donks off in the spring.  Just didn't work.

Step 1:  remove dead bushes (mostly autumn olive)
First Rick cut down all branches and, after the donkeys had examined them carefully and chewed any last goodness from the bark, they went into our burn pile.

Here's Rick using the tractor to extract the bushes.  Hard, hard work.  

Close-up of the remnants.

The dogs pretended to be king of the mountain, resting casually but regally on top of the dirt piles.

Today we begin Step 2.  Killing weeds.  Good times...


  1. Janet.. you and Rick are very ambitious (more than I am lately!). I know that I *need* to do something similar.. I'll be following your progress for inspiration :) Give the donks some scritches from me, please! -Tammy

  2. The work is never ending! We seemed to grow rocks over the winter, I know we could fill a very large dump truck. Good ol' Nova Scotia soil got to love it! Janet your donks will love their fresh pasture!!