Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anxiety Sets In as Weather Delays

We've been delayed significantly with our pasture project due to weather conditions -- too cool temps and wind.  Today was another example.  We decided to forge ahead with weed spraying in spite of the cooler temps (means you have to wait longer for the herbicide to work) and once at the ready, found the wind was much too forceful.  Another potential work day down the drain.  We've got to finish this stage soon or we'll be in real trouble!

So, we set to work on two other donkey-related tasks.  Clearing out a consistently mushy area right in front of the shed, and straightening out the fencing that keep the donks separated from hay and straw.  (They had recently done a right fine job of pushing the fence in toward the straw and made a holy mess of things.)  We scraped and shoveled the mush out and then laid some sand on top.  Rick found some scrap metal to weave through the fencing to brace it against nosy noses.  Ha!  Take that you three hooligans!

The semi-relaxing afternoon meant I was able to spend a leisurely hour working on some homeade soup.

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  1. Oh my goodness Mommy that is like having a glass door fridge with a pad lock on it.