Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's Done !!!

Can't believe the last steps were completed yesterday so now we have a seeded, rolled, raked, de-stoned, de-rooted pasture ready for rain.

This is a shot just before I went around to pick up some of the hundreds of rocks upturned from the rototilling.

Before Rick raked and rolled for the second time.

That's my load (rocks plus roots) and you can see Rick's previous bounty in the background.
Boy, have we got a rock pile now!

Now that the pasture is done I can think about planting.  Donkeys stay away!  (they ate my dianthus last year so I'm replacing them with these red beauties)
A "Keep Out" sign will have to go up.


  1. that looks fabulous! i love the rocks i hope you use them in the garden with those flowers! there is nothing better than a beautiful rock. good job, looks like a lot of hard work.

  2. Your neighborhood grows rocks like ours, pretty flowers!!

  3. I too vote to use those rocks in the flower garden.. lovely flowers!! Your donks will adore the new pasture. I may have to follow your lead.. soon. Thank you for sharing.. I'm inspired! -Tammy