Saturday, May 12, 2012

Work Continues

Steps 3 and 3 1/2 of previous post are done!  Right on schedule, for a change.  Last weekend was spent moving manure from the "pile" to the pasture.
Yup, four hours of shoveling *#$! into the bucket of the tractor where it got dumped onto the pasture.  At about hour 3 I actually didn't care that my (yuckie and old) tennis shoes were covered with the brown stuff.  

Later in the week Rick spent quite a bit of time spreading it.  He had to change his technique in the middle of things -- particularly true when you're jury-rigging implements.  No, we're not going out to buy the proper equipment for this one-time project.

You can see from the picture what a good job we did of killing the weeds -- gone!

Rototilling guy is supposed to come Monday -- please, don't let the weather screw things up again!

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