Sunday, August 19, 2012

Typical Mornings with Two Black Dogs

Let me tell you about the morning routine.

I'm usually up first and feeding the dogs is almost #1 on the do-it-first-thing list.  Mostly because Dudley turns into a starved hyena until I do.
 (don't let those charming good looks fool you -- he can be a maniac when there's food involved)

OK, now breakfast is out of the way, I've looked at the paper and now it's time to go out and feed donkeys.  The dogs are insistent that they accompany me and I usually oblige -- just makes life easier.  However, the new rule is:  I, being queen of the pack, do not let you two dogs bowl me over while you fly out the door.  Dudley is 85 lbs and Gunner is 60 lbs.  When the two of them lunge for the door, I'd better hold on to my hat.  So, now they must sit and wait while I open the door to the garage, press the garage door opener and we wait for the door to completely open.  Waiting is r-e-a-l hard because out in the garage is the most scrumptious cat litter in the world!  That's why they turn into maniacs wanting to fly out the door.

I ride my bike out to the donks and we start morning duties.

Gunner isn't the helper that Dudley is, though.  He's usually prowling around the perimeter of the yard, sniffing who knows what.

Dudley stays with me, eating manure before I get a chance to scoop it up.

But the real sweet part  is -- he sits outside the gate, lies down and waits for me to finish chores.  Snow or sun, he waits for me. There's no incentive for him; he's just a sweet guy.

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