Sunday, April 13, 2014


Yesterday three miniature donkeys were allowed a walkabout.  This now must be done with card-carrying adult supervision because the little angels have decimated the lilac bushes.
Although this was taken a bit ago when we were still in full-snow mode, their recovery is still uncertain.  It appears (cross your fingers) the donks may have left some back branches unscathed.  I keep telling Rick I see buds.

Anyway, because I was outside raking and could keep an eye on the buggers, I let them out of the donkey yard.  We like to give them some freedom as they're not allowed in the pasture until grass is lush and full.

Here they're munching ivy growing on the side of the garage.  (the heron you see a little distance back is of the decorative kind...)

One half of Team Donkey (Dudley) needed to take a break in the shade of the garage.  If you look carefully you'll see the neighbor's horses taking a sun siesta in the background.

The other half of Team Donkey (Gunner) proudly displays the large hole he worked on next to the driveway.

I, on the other hand, worked diligently raking the mounds and mounds of leaves off the front yard and out of beds.  Until the wind kicked up later and... you get the picture.


  1. You are the best-est donkey (and dog) mom ever, you know. I can't let my girls see this post. They will think they can go on walkabout too (still trying to figure out how to safely do that here - kudos to you!). I have major clean-up around this place too.. where to begin? :) Critter hugs all around.... Tam

    1. Tammy, we're fully fenced in the walkabout area (for the dogs) -- I'm assuming that's the safety issue you're thinking of.
      More of your lovely blog photos please. I love seeing your place.

  2. If you want the wind to blow, just pick up a rake. Drives me crazy! It is so cute the way the donkeys walk in single file in your last post.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and have enjoyed looking through it. My husband and I purchased a farm in May 2013. Along with a 1910 home(needing complete renovation) and 17 acres,11 Miniature donkeys and 1 cat came with the deal. I too had no intentions of owning donkeys in my lifetime! I have spent the past year learning all I can about these fun and oh-so sweet creatures. They truly are such a pleasure to watch and take care of...they each have their own adorable personalities and they each have a very healthy set of lungs!! They have stolen my heart! I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading more. It is great to read about other donkeys and their caregivers. Oh, my babies took a walk about in the "house pasture" this morning. Our property is completely fenced and crossed fenced, so they were safe, but my newly planted Peach trees were not as safe! One of their pasture gates was accidentally left open...lots of poop to pick up this afternoon!