Friday, May 23, 2014

Sweet Sweet Boy's continuing saga

Trying to determine the best course of action for my 30-year old horse, Natural, has been a short course full of hairpin curves and emotional hand wringing.

He's on a regime of Bute-less, an herbal supplement with devil's claw, yucca and B-12.  When the vet came out to see him and was told of the herbal route (as opposed to a pharmaceutical) he was a bit dismissive.  I anxiously turned to my naturopath, Suzy Sikora.  (The universe connected the two of us about four years ago and I am grateful down to my toes.)  She helped me put my jumping bean thoughts together about Natural's care. Thank you, thank you Suzy.

The boy has had one massage and I'm planning another follow-up session.  Interestingly, the massage therapist believes he may have suffered a trauma this winter -- either a fall or a hyperextension from a near-fall.  The plan is to get those muscles loosened up enough to introduce him to an equine chiropractor.  I was slightly more hopeful after the massage session.  The therapist reminded me we have the whole summer to see if the boy can recover.

No, dear readers, I'm not expecting a miracle, but at the very least will do everything in my power to give him some well earned relief. The vet called him stoic and the massage therapist agreed.  When she hit those tender spots he didn't buck or bite or try to race away.  He just stood there and said, "yea, that hurts".

That's my boy.


  1. Love that pic, and I just adore his name. Sounds like the perfect course of action for this point in time. Gentle, natural healing and comfort for Natural. Sending hugs for both of you ♥ -T