Sunday, June 1, 2014

Natural, Thy Name is Mud

Right now, dear sweet Natural's name is MUD.  Oh yea.  And he knows it too!

I got to the barn armed with a new pain relieving topical product to try. This is what the farm looks like when there's no one there (taken on a different day).

As you can see pastures are huge and lovely for a horse to be a horse.  But when a certain horse doesn't want a certain human to catch him, large pastures are not handy.

I trudged out with pain gel, halter, carrots and fly spray.  I got close enough for the devil horse to get one piece of carrot and then he ambled off.

He started playing this game with me a few summers ago so I know how it works.  I've tried cajoling and sweet talking and offering other horses his treats and shouting and yelling.  It doesn't matter what I do. As soon as I get close he trots off.  Sometimes after quite a bit of time he'll allow himself to be caught.  Other times, I say enough is enough and throw in the towel.  Today was one of those days.  I particularly hated to have him keep moving off when its clear he's still in pain. (although someone who works at the barn said she saw him tearing around with two of his buds Justin and Apollo shortly after his first massage two weeks ago.  Hmmm...)

So today the boy won the skirmish.  Donkeys will be glad -- they'll be enjoying the bag of carrots I brought back.

By the way, massage #2 is scheduled for Wednesday.  Cross your fingers.  


  1. Well, if he feels good enough to evade capture, he must be feeling pretty good:)

    You asked me about driving and harnessing....I do have some experience driving horses, this is my first attmept at donkey driving. Well see how it goes. If you need some guidence about harness though, get in touch, I might be able to help get you started. You can reach me at aerissana@gmail dot com.

  2. Janet, clicker training works for teaching the horse to come to you ... no catching necessary! It's not hard to learn, fun, alleviates frustration ... all good!

    1. With a 30-year old?? Is there a good website I could get an overview?