Thursday, January 1, 2015

This And That

Faithful readers will remember three cute little donkeys almost destroyed our two established lilac bushes last winter.  Well, we're outsmarting the little buggers this winter. Rick established temporary fencing around them to protect from nibbling teeth.

A local small business offered these artisan birdhouses and, after admiring them for quite some time, I finally broke down and splurged.  We placed it right outside the donkey yard.

Lucky for me I made the purchase before the store went out of business on December 30.  Yet another small business gone.

The last unprotected tree down in the donkey yard.

Speaking of nibbling teeth, the little angels destroyed all of the trees in the yard (except one with permanent fencing surrounding the trunk) and this one finally toppled.  Rick and I were just discussing how we should put a scratchin' post in there this summer.  Bee-hinds get pretty itchy sometimes.

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