Friday, May 22, 2015

Testing A New Fly Repellent

I'm always excited to try a non-toxic product for the donkeys and am in the midst of a trial-run with this one.

Take a look at the ingredients.

I checked with the vendor (Dover Saddlery) on range/distance of coverage and based on feedback from other users, we have only one hung in the donkey shed.

It has a citrus odor, which I thought might be a bit overwhelming, but after being hung, I detect only a faint smell in the shed.  Certainly nothing offensive.

We're not in the thick of fly season yet, so the true test can't be determined at this point.

One down side:  The online description and box packaging mentions refills are available, but I couldn't find them on the website.  When I called to inquire and they did a little checking, it turns out the price of the refill at about $20 greatly exceeds the cost of the product ($13.99).  Doesn't make a bit of sense.

I'll let you know the results.


  1. Hope it works. Our guineas roost in a cedar tree over the path to the chicken lot. You can imagine the mess below. I can hear the buzz of flies when I walk that way. I sprinkled a cup of Diatomatious Earth (DE)( not sure about my spelling) over the area. I read on line that would keep the flies down. Always something! :)

    1. Melba, I've sprinkled that inside the perimeter of the chicken coop. Said it was good for lice and ticks, if I'm remembering correctly.