Saturday, May 2, 2015

More Chickens... More Donkeys ???

Dear Readers,
So much has happened since we spoke last.  In fact, I hesitated to tell you part of the story, fearing you would consider me a bad caretaker.  But I must.

One week (to the day) that three lovely chickens came into our lives, one of our dogs killed Chica.  I was not home to witness it, but Rick tells me Dudley lunged into the coop and very quickly broke Chica's neck.  It was a horrible event.  And, believe me when I say we've learned from it.

A couple of days following, I scooped up two Buff Orpingtons from Highland Feed.   The girls scurry around so much, a less-than-terrific photo will have to do.

Ruby and Emmy are against the left wall while the two Buffs are to their right.

Our next "hurdle" was getting the girls to wander out into the wide open world of the pen.  No one would venture out.  And no, they didn't choose to go out prior to the attack either.

We'd throw them through their little door and back in they'd come 'arunnin.  Once after throwing one of the new girls out, she stayed outside for perhaps a minute, came back in, and the other three clustered around to get the news. Indeed they were all chattering away.

So, this is what the pen has looked like most of the time -- empty.  Then yesterday, when I went out in the evening to tuck everyone in for the night, two of the girls were out and wouldn't come in! Well, how do you like that.  (Do not fear, gentle readers, I hustled them in to spend the night in safety.)  

Now, on to the big donkey news.
Last September I applied to adopt a BLM donkey and never heard a word back.  A couple of days ago I received a call from out of the blue asking if I'd like to adopt two.

Believe me, Rick and I have done a lot of talking, I've made lots of calls trying to decide whether this is do-able.  Just this morning I spoke at length with Fran from Crossroads Donkey Rescue.  Fran was full of suggestions and stories.  A big thanks to her.

There are several hurdles -- our pasture is not big enough to sustain five donks, significant increased outlay for hay, the farrier, vet bills, etc.  However, Fran told me some heart-warming stories about BLM adoptees.  My thoughts are a whirling.

I'm allowing myself a couple of days to take pen to paper to sort out some of the factors (pro and con), but between you and me I'm inching closer to a yes vote.
Will be sure to keep you updated.
By the way, I spoke to Luigi about it and he was pretty taciturn.  Perhaps I'll poll Fran and Gabby.    


  1. I'm sorry about the dog killing Chica. Things like that just happen, no matter how careful you are. Our little dog Weetie is responsible for our old rooster having only one leg. It was horrible. She almost killed the poor rooster. After a good scolding and spanking with a rolled up newspaper, she has never bothered another chicken. Oh I hope you get the two rescue donkeys. How exciting! Can't wait to hear more. Good luck!

  2. I wish I would live in the States... I looked at the Crossroads website, they have so many donkeys ready for adoption ! And such cuties ! Here in Belgium, I'm on a sanctuary's waiting list for adopting donkeys... (Have 5 now but we want more too - donkeys are happier, the bigger their group is...)
    Keep us posted if you decide to adopt more !!! (PS the only real issue in that decision imho is the size of the pasture...)

  3. Janet, I love reading your web page! ...and I know what my personal wish is for you (re the BLM donkeys)

  4. Wow, where have I been?? Sorry about your Chica.. these things happen, and it pretty much stinks.. but! Hey, I have a Chica hen.. I am so happy for you.. chickens are so much fun, and so interesting to watch. Will have to stay tuned about your possible new donks!! Exciting!! -Tammy