Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Competition and Jealousy in the Animal World

Isn't it interesting.  Competition and jealousy raises its head everywhere.

Take the dogs.
Well of course when it comes to anything remotely related to food the two dogs demand to be noticed.   But I suppose they don't try to edge each other out because they know they'll get a turn. Perhaps they're a little more aggressive when it comes to lovin'.  If Dudley is being rubbed by Rick, Gunner will climb into my lap or (try to) push Dudley away.

The chickens.
Poor Ruby Dee always seems to get shorted when it comes to treats.  It's become a habit that in the morning right after letting them out of the coop, I provide treats outside.  Bananas are their all time favorite, but they'll make do with apple, grapes and watermelon.  Equally relished are dried mealworms.  But for some reason my little Ruby Dee has not gotten the hang of grabbing a bite and running, as the others have.  She's still working on a piece by the time the others return for more.
Poor Ruby.

The donkeys.  Oh my, the donkeys.
They are gluttons when it comes to brushing.  I'll be in the midst of brushing Francesca, and Gabby will sidle up between us.  Again and again.  Stealthily (or so she thinks).
I'll, with difficulty. make the rounds of all three and Fran will get back in line.  "Please, another turn. It feels sooo good."

Excuse my negligence, but you'll have to make do with that shot of the donks.  It's not recent, and doesn't show how they've lost some (but not all) of their winter coats.  I'll work on snapping a current shot.


  1. Familiar :-) ! When I still had three dogs, sometimes you could see a little bit of jealousy between them. But with the donkeys... Oh my ! They act like a bunch of spoilt children ! Not only at brushing time, also when I come in the stable in the morning, a fight for "mommy's attention". And let's not mention how they behave when I want to give them cookies...

  2. Love your little donkeys. We once had a miniature Scilian burro, he came with a horse we had bought. Haven't had any critters that big in years.

  3. I adore all of your handsomely beautiful critters!! We have the same jealousy issues around here too.. it's funny and cute, most of the time ;) p.s. please send us positive vibes.. taking my Ruby Donk to the vet tomorrow to address some issues <3

    1. Oh gosh, Tammy, you know I will. Love your baby from afar.