Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sexy Donkeys

When farrier Koren came over last, she exclaimed upon seeing Gabby, "She looks sexy!" And indeed she does.  Finally fully shed out, she is a sexy, sexy girl.

Obviously you agree.  She is sleek and sassy looking.  As I've mentioned, her personality has taken a turn for the better.  She's now more social and invites rubs  -- it only took five years! However, she'll never quite be the apple of my eye as Fran is.


Fran is my love muffin.  I can throw straw and the other two ignore me, but not my Fran.  She'll take rubs and lovin' before
going for the meal.

And then there's Luigi, or "Weej" as I normally call him.

He never gets the sleek summer look that the girls achieve, but at least I can see that beautiful, Eyeore-like face without the winter fluff.

He is a gentle soul and is the most delicate take-the-carrot-out-of-your-fingers kind of guy.

How could one not love all three!


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