Friday, September 11, 2015

Alice, Sweet Alice -- A New Long-Ear

Regular readers (and I love you all dearly) will remember the tale of two BLM burros who were to join our critterdom.

Without all the details of the whys and why nots, it was not a good fit.  Instead Crossroads Donkey Rescue adopted "my" BLM burros and I'm adopting their Alice.

In August we arranged a meet and greet and I drove a couple of hours north to see the girl.

What a sweetie.

If things go according to plan, she'll be joining the crew soon.
I've spoken to the three troublemakers about this impending change to their domicile, but haven't gotten much feedback. The two girls will just have to share Luigi.

More story and photos will be shared when she arrives.


  1. Oh I hope you get Alice soon. I would be so excited. She will love being a part of your sweet family.

  2. Can't wait for the arrival of this lovely gal!