Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Preventing Chicken Escapes

Recently I did a little bragging on Facebook that my husband could build just about anything and fix just about anything (well, no, I don't let him near my Nikon...)  And the proof is in the pudding.

You may remember that our high-tech chicken escape mechanism was two sheets draped over the fence.  If the wind blew the sheets a little to one side, or worse yet completely off, chickens could easily scoot under the fence and have full access to the great outdoors.  Not advisable with two dogs running in the same area.

Here is the chicken blockade Rick came up with that works wonderfully well.  You can see it propped against the fence off to the left

When slid into place, little independent hens can't slither under the gate -- and yes, I have seen them do it.
Isn't it nifty?


  1. Yes, it is nifty! Chickens, (and I love them) can keep you busy all the time. They always want to be somewhere else.

  2. Super nifty! These handy husbands are the best! p.s. Anxiously awaiting pics of your newest resident :) :) :) -T