Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Meds, meds and more meds when a girl founders

Over the past 24 years I've never had a horse or donkey founder.  So when Alice arrived at our home, pretty stiff-legged, and I called the vet, wasn't sure what to expect.

His diagnosis was that she had foundered, many times, in the recent past.And so began the meds.

This was our box of goodies on the kitchen counter for over a week.
Banamine, isoxsuprine tablets to be dissolved in a little water and put into one of the syringes, and DMSO in the other syringe.

After about 10 days on this routine I saw a little improvement, but not enough to feel good about her status.  Back out came the vet. He thought she had improved 60-70%.  Really?  But you know how hard it is to measure progress when you see your beasts every day.  We were able to ditch the banamine and the DMSO but she's currently on the isoxsuprine once a day (down from 2x daily).

I have to give the girl a pat on the back.  It seemed we were shoving meds into her every time we saw her and she never balked.  Our other three would not have been quite so accommodating, I dare say.
The donkey rescue had said she was an even tempered sweetie and boy were they right.
Doesn't she have a little of that woe-begone look that everyone loves on Luigi?

Keep your fingers crossed that she keeps a steady improvement.


  1. Congrats on Alice! She is a doll!! Bless you for adding to your precious li'l herd. Big hee-haw hugs all around, and lots of positive thoughts for Alice's improvement! <3

  2. Sorry I almost missed this post. Sure hope Alice is well by now. She is a pretty girl! I've had a couple of crazy weeks and can't seem to catch up with anything.