Monday, October 5, 2015

Alice Joins the Donkey Herd

Rescue donkey, Alice, has been with us for just over a week.  And I'm fascinated with progress in her acclimation and her integration into our little herd.  Just fascinated.


When she arrived, the gang carefully checked her out.  Luigi was particularly fascinated with one anatomical area.

Early on, while the girls were either ignoring her or threatening her with alienation, Luigi was chaperoning her out to the pasture.  And over the next couple of days if she didn't immediately come out into the pasture, he would call to her, there'd be a short conversation and she'd wander out.

Now she seems to be buddying up to Fran.  One minute Fran is kicking out at her to cut her out of the carrot action and the next minute they're sharing a hay pile.  Girls, girls, girls.

She's a little bigger than our three.  Look at those giant ears.

But a sweet face indeed.

This afternoon, Alice wasn't posing well for her photo shoot.  On the other hand, Luigi was more than cooperative.


  1. Janet she is adorable. I love those big ears. I'm still hoping for a donkey one day. That will be on my Christmas wish list again this year. Alice could not have found a better home.

  2. Yes, she does have a sweet face! I have 13 donkeys. What started out as a rescue mission has become one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love those girls and gals. They bring me such joy!

  3. Congratulations !! So nice to hear everything went well with the introduction into your herd (because you never know with donkeys....)
    Alice looks super sweet and adorable !