Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Alice Through the Donkey Hole

A couple of days ago I went out for the morning donkey and chicken ritual (which has gotten a lot more complicated by the way with the arrival of sweet Alice) and what did I see.

A nice big hole in the back of the donkey shed.  I do think I stood there transfixed for a few minutes, not quite processing this sight.

The view from the back side

And a nice big fat close-up.

What in the world!  Never before have I encountered this with the donks.  I returned to the house and told carpenter Rick about it. I postulated either the donkeys had done some heavy partying in the shed overnight (with adult beverages), a non-donkey critter had gotten in and they had gone after it or there had been a major dispute and someone had taken out their displeasure on the wall.  After he had viewed the hole with a professional eye, Rick said, no, that hole was eaten.  EATEN!

Let me repeat, in the six years I've had the donks this has never occurred.

On the morning of Day 2 I reported to Rick that the hole was now yet bigger.
That afternoon it was repaired.

Oh yes, with fencing covering it this time.
I do need to add that before the hole was repaired, the chickens were delighting in hopping through on their daily walkabout.

Now, the really funny part was Alice's reaction to the repair.  (And, yes, I think we may have found the vandal.)  I found her standing in the shed just staring at the patch.  Next I saw her outside staring at the patch, then she walked back in.  Luigi joined her and perhaps they were conferencing about this new development.  I didn't stay long enough to check it out.

I took advantage of one of the many Facebook donkey groups to inquire if others had experienced the same thing.  Whoa, you betcha!  There were a few solid suggestions involving supplements, covering the shed with metal, and providing tree branches for chewing.

We may eventually try them all.

One final note.  We now have a blue shed, yellow coop door and big green patch.  Definitely a kaleidoscope of colors.

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