Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chickens Veto Snow

In Michigan, we are accustomed to quick changes in weather, but yesterday's changeroo was abrupt even for us.  Balmy temps had been hanging around... until yesterday when we were walloped with a foot of snow in about 12 hours.

This is the chickens' first snow and, they are politely saying "no thank you".  Even in the early morning when there was only a dusting, they refused to step foot outside.  I've seen them in the rain (while the donkeys hunkered in the barn), but this snow business was an entirely different matter.

They're bored and whiny.

 Particularly Ruby Dee.  But Ruby does have a little pathetic whine in her normal conversation.  So maybe she's not as dismayed as she's leading me to believe.

In the afternoon hens were allowed in the donkey barn while I cleaned up.  They were so relieved to be out of the coop.  And when they found the remains of Alice's oats, they acted like they had hit the jackpot.  All four were in the bowl, excitedly diving for gems.

The donkeys took it in stride.  This morning when they had to trudge through the deep stuff, my original three were at the gate as usual, while Alice just bellowed from the shelter of the barn.  Have I told you she sounds like a foghorn?

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  1. Thar snow looks sooo cold. I'm just not ready for that cold weather yet. Must be getting old. Aren't the hens funny. The guineas are the same way. The first time our first group of guineas saw snow, they stayed in the tree for four days. I was afraid they were going to starve to death. :)