Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer Unfolds at SASHA Farm

This week's visit to SASHA Farm Sanctuary was unusually pleasant.  "Well, isn't that interesting", you murmur and add "pray tell, why would that be?".

Allow me to set the scene.

It has been an unusually warm week for May in Michigan.  So, yes, doing chores at the farm was more perspiration-laden than normal.  BUT, two high school interns were on the scene assisting, which meant we had more time to wipe our brows and sweet-talk our favorite babies.

The indirect bonus of more time = photos!

no caption really needed

sure wish I knew this cutie's name

As gorgeous as this donkey face is and as much as I'd love to give him some hugs, he does not like to be handled.  So we must admire from afar.

 I think we all feel like this from time to time

In the midst of cleaning out the geese pools, I snuck a shot

If you look closely, the co-mingling of goats and geese comes into focus

Last, but most certainly not least, there is Tod.  Apparently he jumped the fence between the cows and pigs and felt more comfortable with the latter.  And that is where we found him - blocking the pig pasture gate.  Every week I find someone new to fall in love with and Tod won me over on this visit.

A nice profile shot is always handy for the portfolio. 


  1. Love ALL those pictures! Makes me smile...thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these photos. Hope you are having a good holiday weekend.

  3. Hi janet, I totally agree with above comments - love your photos. I think this is a lovely thing for you to do, helping out with all those gorgeous animals. Its a good chance to be able to look after all the different species and interact with them. Tod is a handsome boy no wonder you have fallen for him! Talking about interacting, how are things going with your new chicken? My little girls have spent the last 3 nights in the main coop (although they haven't gone up to bed yet), but they are mingling OK (thank goodness - it's stressful). By the way, the dog crate worked wonderfully. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire.