Sunday, June 19, 2016

Buffy the Chicken, Computers, and Life

My intention was to update you on Buffy (the hen) and her integration into the flock of four other nutty chickens.  But I need to diverge for just a quick moment.


My desktop was out of commission for almost two weeks and I was beside myself with worry.  Of course I hadn't been diligent in backing up photos, documents, music, etc.  (yes, that is now high on the list).  I was so afraid I had lost emails concerning an upcoming BIG trip.  And on it went...  I'm sure you understand.

I'm now back in the 21st century but I'm reflecting on my dependence on this darn computer. Something is just not right with this picture.  I'm mulling.

Back to the topic at hand.  Buffy St. Marie.

This will give you a sense of where we stand with Buffy entering the fold.  Right as rain!

Typical picture of the girls hunkering down for evening sleep (I had to turn on the overhead light which explains why it's so darn bright at dusk).  Five girls cozying up on top of the nesting boxes.

I'd say it was about the three-week mark where Buffy started really following the routine, including me calling the girls for treats and to come in off the donkey pasture.  Until then, it was a pain in the royal derriere to try to gather her in.  Now she's johnny-on-the-spot AND loves the morning banana treat.  She had previously turned up her nose and asked why the other four were turning cartwheels over the stuff.

So, all is right with the world, at least for this precious moment.    


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with the computer as well. There is no going back now though.

    How is Alice doing?

  2. Hi Janet. Glad you have got your IT issues sorted out! Been checking your blog for ages to see if there was an update on Buffy and your other girls. Isn't it lovely when it all comes together and they are "friends" (well tolerate each other comfortably). It too about a week for Mary to stop shouting that "we had ruined her life" by introducing Rose and Violet. I am happy to report it is great now, so once again, I have three lovely little girls. Your photo of your girls is lovely by the way. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire, UK.

    1. Only a week?! Impressive.
      My four didn't scream and yell, but (in the beginning)they did turn their backs on Buffy and say "whatever"...