Monday, June 27, 2016

Cheap Socks = Fly Protection

My intention for this day's blog post was a creative fly protection idea I read of on Facebook.  But, of course, in the meantime I now have other miscellaneous items to report on.

Firstly the flies.

So often Facebook is maligned as a frivolous waste of time.  Au contraire I say.  I belong to several donkey groups on FB and find many of the suggestions quite useful.  This is one of them.
Dollar store children's socks to cover fly-bitten donkey legs.

 Here Luigi shows off his new pair of socks.  I selected the smallest size athletic sock the store had and got two pair for my $1 package.  Cut off the toes and voila.  They do slide down a bit during the day, but absolutely nothing works well.  Not even the made-to-order expensive sets I purchased last year.  The problem with those was the velcro that wrapped around the leg stuck so darn well, I really struggled to get them off.  And I mean struggled. I'm more pleased with these cheapie socks for the moment.

Not to be outdone, Alice shows off her beauties as well.

One of my side stories involves the ever feisty Gabariella.  Today when I called the donkeys off the pasture, Alice and Gabby came in first.  I can only take a wild guess as to what happened, but as Gabs moved off toward the donkey barn, she started bellowing like a house afire.  Not your typical donkey bellow.  Luigi and Fran came running in from the pasture on the fly, so clearly it was a come help me bellow, although I didn't believe she was in distress.  It only lasted a (long) minute or so and then all was quiet.  When I checked on her munching hay in the barn, all appeared OK.  


And then, there is the milkweed.
Not pretty you say.

But, good golly oh so very fragrant.


  1. Hi Janet - Love the socks on the donkeys, what a really good idea that is. Aren't animals funny? I wonder what that bellow meant in donkey language. I actually haven't heard of the "milkweed", don't think we have it here in UK, but I think it does look pretty and I believe the butterflies love them so I would definitely leave them growing. Hope you and animals are all well. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK.

  2. I think the milkweed flowers are beautiful! I wish I had some in my yard! I like the donkey socks too. Anything to keep those nasty vicious flies away.

  3. Just a thought .... When I had my pony (before I got married and I was young & free)we used to put vinegar on our ponies to the areas that the flies were attracted to. It seemed to work just as well as all the expensive potions you could buy from the "horse shop". Perhaps cheap socks soaked in vinegar would do the trick??!! I guess you have already used vinegar, but, it was just a thought!! Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK.

    1. Louise, I've used the oldest recipe I've had -- white vinegar, water, Skin So Soft (from Avon -- don't know if its around in your part of the world) and eucalyptus oil. I've tried that for years and years on my horses. It's really only effective in the "mild" fly season. I've never tried straight vinegar though.

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  5. I tried 'socks' before but they just never stayed up...maybe they were 'too big' I'm gonna try it again. THANKS!