Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Donkey Snow Trails

Usually when I approach the computer to submit a blog post for your approval, I have a plan in mind.  The story is outlined in my head and the photos have been taken.

However, the overriding thought swirling in my head this evening is not the planned outline, but donkey health.  Every day for the past three days, someone has appeared under the weather.  And each time, I tell Rick to help me keep an eye on the bugger and each time the ailment seems to pass.  And now, it's sweet Alice.  Just a bit ago I fed for the evening and her limp was pronounced.  No discernible problems.  So we wait and check in the morning.

But the story I had intended to tell was that of the annual routine of snow trails.  
Usually the donkeys ask me to blaze the trails, but this year they forged perhaps half of them in the yard.

After the first big snowfall, I shoveled out three eating areas.  Clearly you can see one of them above and there's another northwest of the tree.

From this angle you can see another just above Luigi's back.  And I hear you asking about that milk carton hanging from the tree.  Just an attempt to provide a  little something to amuse them.  Although I believe the attempt was probably an abject failure.  But, still it hangs.

And then, there's Alice.  Actually she's been a big pain in the proverbial ass recently.  The trails are only about the width of my shovel, meaning they're only wide enough for one person or one donkey.  And lately Alice has been a master at blocking the paths.  By just standing.  Still.  As donkeys tend to do.

In the picture to the right, she thumbed her nose at the hay in the feeding area and said she was going straight to the source.  Alice is a pistol to remove from the hay aisle.

Cross your toes and fingers that Alice is back to normal tomorrow.  


  1. They do seem to have minds of their own :)
    My daughter has several plastic drums around her lot, when the donkeys have a mad half-hour they roll them around like soccer balls !
    Hoping there's no health problems, maybe a little tummy upset ?

    1. Jo, I've put beach balls and equine "jolly" balls in there and they just sit. And gather dust.

  2. Do hope that sweet Alice is better today. These animals do worry us when they are poorly. Lovely photo's, as usual. Would just like to wish you and your family (and of course all the animals) a wonderful (and healthy) Christmas time and all the very best for a marvellous 2017. Love your blog so much, please keep up the good work in 2017. Very best regards, Louise.

    1. How very kind you are, Louise. Your blog support is appreciated more than you might know.
      Give your clucks a Christmas hug for me.