Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Peaceful Evenings

If you happened to wander by our place tonight and had a chat with the donkeys, I'm tempted to say they would not say it was a peaceful evening feed.

Factors to consider:
*trying to make my way to the donkeys,  I was continually slipping on the packed driveway snow,
*it started snowing again -- we got dumped with at least 10" on Sunday
*four donkeys were crowding in the barn (because it was snowing again) making it impossible to clean up manure for the 500th time today and
*did I mention it was snowing again?
*oh yes, and standing on my head trying to get Alice's blanket on -- in addition to more snow it's going to get mighty chilly tonight.

No one would accuse me of being miss congeniality tonight.  I'll admit it.  I had to apologize to the donks for yelling.  They seemed to take it in stride.

Anyway, I finally got hay thrown, more shavings piled up, and yes, Alice's blanket on. Chickens locked up safe for the night, more chicken treats distributed, heat lamp plugged in.

And as I started back toward the house, I looked up.  Into the snowfall and the sky.  And soaked up the quiet.  It was only 5:30 but felt much later.  And peace and calm appeared.

At that moment, regretfully, I did not have a camera, but grabbed my phone at the house, backtracking just a bit to try to capture the mood.

    If you look closely you'll see one of the cows next door making his way out to the round bale

Did you feel it?   Aahhh...


  1. I can actually feel the peace in your pictures. It is as if I am standing there with you. We all have our bad days. I have more than my share for sure. But it's nice to find that peaceful place at the end of the day.

    1. Kathy, I'm so glad you caught a glimpse of that serene moment.

  2. Those pictures are amazing and I too can feel the stillness. It is hard work taking care of animals in the cold and I'm sure it is much colder there than it is here. We had high winds and dropping temps never got out of the 30's and that is unusual for us. Anyway, I added hay to all the critter's beds and buildings and shelters. Bet you were glad to get back inside the warm house.

    1. Yes, nippier here, but we both share similar critter chores!

  3. Can't believe how cold it gets there in the US. It seems strange to me that you get sweltering hot summers and VERY cold winters seem to come so soon afterwards. It must make your outside chores much harder during this freezing weather. I am sure all your animals appreciate all your hard work ensuring they are all well looked after. I loved your photo's, they did capture that serene moment (a nice time when everything is done for the day). It's lovely to see a glimpse of your world and so glad that you share it. Kind regards.