Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Inside Critters

You've met two of the inside critters from time to time and they begged me to let them hog -- oops, share the limelight again.  I graciously agreed.

So here you have it.  Those three hooligans who share our home and our hearts.  And our pocketbook. And our patience.

Dusty, aka, Moose 

...has been with us since 2004 and will be 18 this year.  

Yes, clearly he's slowing down but still gets around well.  Biggest fault -- is a voracious 
cuddle bunny.

Dudley, aka Dudes
Dudes has been with us since 2006 and will be 11 this year.

He is too good looking and smart for his own good.  Or at least I tell him that all the time.
Biggest fault -- being part lab and a total chow hound.  Capital letters.  And exclamation points.  Underlined.

Gunnar, aka Buns

I am not recalling the year Gunnar came to us.  He's probably 9 or 10 years old.  
All of our inside critters are rescues but Gunnar had the hardest backstory. 
Biggest fault -- needs lovin' and lovin' and lovin'.  Oh, and add lovin' to that list.


  1. All seniors, and obviously living happy and content lives there with you at the farm :)
    Beautiful !

    1. Jo, I think "happy and content" equals spoiled x2. We do say Dudley is the prince of the house as he rules the roost. I'm rolling my eyes and grinning at the same time...

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous. The dogs look lovely natured and Dusty is beautiful. We had a part lab that we picked up from the street. We never knew how old she was but we had her for about 15 years. Her nature was wonderful. We also had a cross terrier from 11 months old until he was 17 years (typical terrier, he was trouble all his life). We had 3 cats as well and they all got on so well (all rescue animals). Now we have 3 cats again - Ozzy who is 10 this year, Lucy who will be 7 (my son's cat that we "acquired" when he changed flats) and our new cat who is a stray from my husbands work place. We have had him 6 weeks and (fingers and everything else crossed) he is settling in very well. Oh - and don't forget the crazy ladies in the garden!! Lovely to see your indoor family - these animals really make a house a home and hats off to anyone who takes in rescue animals to give them a forever home.

    1. Louise, I can we can meet one day. We are definitely kindred spirits!

  3. Through your lovely blog, Janet, I feel I have gained a friend. It's always so nice to "chat" to you.

  4. Love ❤️ photos of house kids - sweet face on Dudes' pic.