Sunday, February 19, 2017

Donkeys Relish February Thaw

This week's temperatures are a complete aberration for southeastern Michigan weather.  And we are luxuriating in it!
(we'll be in the 50's and 60's for the next few days as opposed to the normal snowy 20's and 30's)

Yesterday there was no need to double layer clothes (over p.j.'s) in the morning to feed.

Those sweats and heavy socks stayed hanging up in the bathroom.
It's been about three months since I got away with that.  Ohh-la-la.

And the donkawonks and clucks are enjoying the sunny days while they can.  Unfortunately the donkey yard is a mud fest and it's way way too early to let the beasts out on the pasture.  So it's a catch-22 for them -- lovely weather but terrifically sloppy.

The clucks are in heaven as well.  Those prissy little girls WILL NOT travel more than a handful of steps on the snow.  With all the snow melted, it's a heavenly delight for four hens.  (Although mealworms is still my very effective weapon for corralling them from their walkabout back into their run.)

Have you ever seen a happier face?  No, I thought not.


  1. We've been reveling in that sun as well - such a treat:)

  2. Oh what a beautiful happy face. They all look happy enjoying the sunshine. It does seem unseasonal weather you are having considering we are still in February. Mealworms always do the trick. My girls were out in the garden on Saturday with my husband (supervising) while I was in the kitchen. After a while he shouts to me "what's the best way to get these in?" I said "you should know that by now" and he said "Oh yes mealworms". So with mealworms in hand he made his way down the garden, very closely followed by the ever hungry and enthusiastic Mary, Rose and Violet.

    1. Can you send photos of your girls? I'm rolling the name Violet around. I hope she has a lovely disposition to match her pretty name.

  3. Janet, I am not very good with all this technical stuff. I will send photo's as soon as I have sussed out how to do it. When my son comes I will ask him for his help. Violet does have a lovely disposition, she is friendly, chatty and happy. In fact Mary is probably the friendliest (she is the eldest)and Rose is very nervous - think she is convinced I want to eat her.